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The energy prices of your default utility can move from month to month, and day to day in some cases depending on where you live.

Shopping for energy can save you money and give you the option to buy power from cleaner and greener sources

Try PlanTrackerTM

Don’t pay more when your contract expires!

Once your fixed term energy plan expires, you may be moved to a “variable” or “month-to-month” rate, which can expose you to unexpectedly higher prices.

PlanTracker will remind you before your plan expires to provide your options, even if your lowest price option is back with your default utility!

6 Facts About Energy Suppliers

Your Lights Will Stay On

Your power will not be cut off while the switch is being made from your current supplier to a new supplier.

Reliability is the same

The chances of your power going out do not change as the wires are still controlled by your local utility.

Cheaper, Greener Power

Many customers can buy greener power for the same price or less than they are paying today, which helps to bring cleaner energy onto the grid.

Your Info is secure

Energy suppliers are held to strict confidentiality rules by state agencies, similar to utilities.

You Can Switch Again & Again

Many customers switch several times in order to try and lock in the lowest rates while others lock in one low rate for a longer period. The choice is yours!

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